Most Frequently Asked Questions

How does Coscube facilitate startups for fundraising ?

Coscube prepares startups with a ready pitch deck, financials & competitor research report prior to connecting channel investors.

Coscube connects promising Startups, Entrepreneurs with Angel investors, HNIs and VCs among others. Once this clearance happens, the startups are allowed to make their business pitch to potential investors. And if the investors find potential in the startups, they can choose to invest in them in return for equity.

Any Indian citizen who is 21 years of age and above and has a significant understanding/knowledge of investment and its risk can be an investor in Coscube.

The minimum amount one can invest through Coscube is ₹2,00,000/.

Here is all you need to know about raising funds on Coscube.

As of now, Coscube  levies no commission from investors on their investment made through the platform. The primary focus is to create a reliable and transparent ecosystem for startups to raise funds in India.

Coscube lists hand-weighted startups from verticals ranging across Tech, Fintech, Social Entrepreneurship, Lifestyle, Real Estate and even those offering SaaS. Startups may be in ideation, early stage or to revamp stage.

After you’ve submitted the application, you wait! If your application is selected, you will be invited to a short call. Selected startups will be provided with the above support.

We look at 5 things: founders,  their market understanding, the product/ service they want to build, market potential  & revenue model.